Outdoor Air Volume Measurement System

IAQ-Tek Outdoor Air Volume Measurement System

The IAQ‐Tek Outdoor Air Volume Measuring System simplifies outdoor air measurement at the entrance to fan systems by incorporating a measurement probe designed specifically for the low velocities and high turbulence associated with outdoor air intakes. The IAQ‐Tek includes an 80 character display and keypad with three series of preprogrammed instructions to lead setup persons through the proper routine. Instructions are specific for temperature control contractor, air balancer and user addressing each individual requirement.


The IAQ Outdoor Air Measurement system is designed for accurate measurement in outdoor air inlet situations where low velocity, dirt, moisture and turbulence affect other products in quantifying the volume of fresh air to the building. The IAQ utilizes a patented air flow sensor in conjunction with a transducer and monitor assembly, which incorporates intuitive directions for the user in setting up and maintaining the product.

IAQ-Tek Product Sheet
IAQ-Tek Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual