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ASHRAE Ad April 2017

Digital Airflow Measurement
April 2017 ASHRAE Journal Advertisement

Quarter page ad from the industry-leading publication, ASHRAE Journal.
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ASHRAE Ad February 2017

Control Your Critical Spaces
February 2017 ASHRAE Journal Advertisement

Half-page ad from the industry-leading publication, ASHRAE Journal.
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AccuValve White Paper Cover

Sustainable Airflow for Critical Environments
Distinctly Innovative, Safe, Low Energy
September 2016 White Paper

Worldwide, owners of facilities and their engineering teams are getting involved early when making the decisions regarding the critical airflow control systems utilized within their buildings. They understand the issues of safety, lower energy and sustainable practices within critical environments. The reason? Over the past 5-10 years, airflow control technology has gone through an evolution, with Accutrol setting the new standards and leading the way.
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AccuValve White Paper Cover

Demystifying Fume Hood Control Systems
With a Simple, Intuitive User Interface
June 2015 White Paper

Fume Hood Control Systems have historically been complex and cumbersome to use. The setup, modification and maintenance of the controls often requires utilizing factory trained personnel. This can be expensive and can often lead to scheduling delays waiting for a factory trained technician. That has all changed with the Accutrol AVC5000 Fume Hood Control System.
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AccuValve White Paper Cover

Critical Airflow Control Design for the 21st Century
June 2013 White Paper

Air flow control valve technology had not changed much over the past 30 years – until recently. The new century brought a new energy consciousness and the desire to reduce the operating cost of airflow control systems. Engineers and owners began looking beyond the status quo for more ways to reduce energy usage. One obvious place is in reducing pressure requirements of the air handling system by replacing mechanically pressure independent valves with lower pressure drop valves. In 2006, the AccuValve ushered in a new development in critical airflow technology.
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