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Delivering State‐of‐the-art Critical Air Flow Control for Laboratories, Life Science and Healthcare

The award winning AccuValve is designed for sustainable critical environments with very low pressure drop for energy savings and safety through true airflow measurement. The AccuValve was introduced as the first critical environments airflow control valve designed for use with electronic actuation.

View the video to see why the features and benefits of this product have become the choice of the world's most prestigious and demanding clients.


  • Fast Speed of Response: < 1 Second (model AV & AVC)
  • High Accuracy: +/‐ 5% of Reading
  • True Airflow Measurement: Airflow measurement without the requirement of duct straight run before or after the valve.

Energy Savings

  • Exceptionally Low Pressure Drop: As low as 0.05" (12.5 Pa) at maximum airflow
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Compliant: Demand based static pressure reset control without the need for additional hardware
  • High Turndown: Provides precise control over a large airflow range.

Layout and Installation

  • Can Be Mounted in Any Position: 360° plane (no special ordering or mounting arrangement needed)
  • Easy Access to Controller/Actuator: Controls can be mounted in inverted position if required for site conditions.
  • Universal Input/Output: Can be directly controlled by building automation system (BAS).


  • No scheduled maintenance required.