The Award-Winning AccuValve

Low Pressure Drop Design

The AccuValve® was designed for use with electronic actuation and to meet the needs of the world energy situation by operating with the lowest pressure drop of any critical environments air flow control valve on the market. This low pressure drop offers years of energy savings making buildings less costly to operate.

Low Pressure Drop by Design

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Designed for Efficient Air Flow

The AccuValve divides the air flow into two airstreams using an airfoil shaped compression section. By compressing the air it increases the velocity and makes the airstream more laminar. This improves the turndown of the measuring system and eliminates the need for straight runs into the valve.

By adding a static pressure regain section after the control blades it further reduces the pressure drop of the valve. This is why we can say "The AccuValve provides superior low pressure drop technology over other airflow control valves on the market!"

Shape Effects on Drag

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Shape Effects on Drag

The inspiration for the design of the AccuValve originated from analysis of the design of a silencer. A rectangular silencer reduces the area in the duct section by roughly 50% however the pressure drop of a silencer is considerably less that what might be expected. This is because of the airfoil shape of the silencer battens. An airfoil shape creates less drag for a given surface area thereby creating a minimal pressure drop. This is especially true with a properly designed static pressure regain section as is provided on the AccuValve.

Benefits Really Add Up Chart

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Benefits of Low Pressure Drop Design

Reducing the overall pressure drop in a ventilation system allows the system to be run at a lower static pressure. This requires less fan horsepower and a significant reduction in energy cost. Over the life of a building, this could add up to millions of dollars saved! This energy savings also reduces the building's environmental impact and carbon footprint. Reducing the operating static pressure has the added benefit of lowering noise levels in the duct, making the building environment more pleasant to work in.

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