AccuStation VTS
Duct Airflow Measurement Station

AccuStation VTS Duct Airflow Measurement Station

The Accutrol AccuStation model VTS provides superior innovative duct airflow measurement technology designed for ease of application, installation and use. The VTS is ideal for use when standard airflow sensing is difficult to apply as well as smaller ducted AHU’s for measuring outside air.

Velocity measurement is accomplished by the unique, patented, VorTek sensors. VorTek sensors utilize proven vortex shedding phenomena to measure the true airflow velocity. This type of airflow measurement is unaffected by changes in temperature, density or humidity, unlike that of pitot and thermal airflow measurement systems. The integral high accuracy vortex airflow sensing maintains accuracies of 5% of reading over the flow range, ensuring precise airflow measurement.

The AccuStation VTS is a very low pressure drop device, does not require additional straight runs either before or after the station and can be mounted at any angle. BACnet MS/TP is available as an option.

AccuStation VTS Product Sheet