Design Applications

The AccuValve® low pressure drop airflow control valve is used extensively in a wide variety of applications both small and large where precise air flow control is required. Maintaining safe, reliable and energy effective control is paramount in today's designs of research and healthcare environments. The universal input/output for closed loop control of the AccuValve is designed for control through any site building automation system (BAS) based upon standards set through the owner and site engineer design requirements.

Common Design Applications


  • Variable air volume control (VV)
  • Constant air volume control (CV)
  • Fume hood exhaust air flow control (download our white paper)
  • Specialized exhaust air flow control
  • General exhaust air flow control
  • Supply air flow control

Clean Rooms

  • Tracking pairs (supply & exhaust air flow control)
  • Pressurization control


  • Tracking pairs (supply & exhaust air flow control)
  • Cage exhaust air flow control


  • Isolation room air flow control
  • Operating room air flow control


Retrofit Applications

  • Replacement air flow control valve for low pressure drop requirement
  • Simple installation
  • Can mount in any plane
  • No straight run requirement
  • True air flow measurement
  • Few sizes cover all applications

Universal Control Through Building Automation System

  • Universal input to BAS for air flow measurement
  • Universal output from BAS for electronic actuator control