Innovative Airflow Technologies

Laboratories, Life Science, Healthcare
Designed and manufactured in the USA.
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Important News!

July 17, 2017
Accutrol Moves to Larger Facility
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2016 AHR Award Winner

January 15, 2016
Accutrol Named Winner of 2016 AHR Innovation Award
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January 15, 2015
Accutrol Acquires Tek-Air
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Accutrol, LLC specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative airflow technologies for critical environment airflow control and airflow measurement. The features and benefits of our award winning products make us the choice of many of the world's most prestigious and demanding clients.

AccuValve Logo

The flagship, award-winning AccuValve® was designed for 21st century critical environment airflow control.

Watch the AccuValve operational video.
  • Exceptionally low pressure drop
  • Precise "true" airflow measurement
  • No duct straight run requirements
  • Linear control response
  • High accuracy and turndown
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • ASHRAE Standard 90.1 compliant "ready"
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Optional BACnet® MS/TP communication
  • Optional Bluetooth configuration
AccuValve with ePI Logo

The AccuValve AVC airflow control valve delivers all the features of the AccuValve plus:

  • Electronic Pressure Independence
  • Native BACnet® MS/TP
Learn more about the AccuValve.

Sustainable Airflow for Critical Environments

air flow for critical environments white paper thumbnail

Read about how Accutrol has set new, sustainable standards in airflow control technology for critical environments.
Download the Paper »

Accutrol AVC Fume Hood Control System – AHR Expo Innovation Award Winner!

Listen to Accutrol President, Fred George, talk about the award in the video below.

AHR Innovation Award Winner Video

The award-winning low pressure drop AccuValve combines with a "smart" fume hood display and our powerful, intuitive Insight software to deliver 21st Century fume hood control.

This innovative combination allows owners to easily set up and change the fume hood configuration without complicated manuals and it significantly simplifies the start-up, operation and modification for VAV fume hoods.

Learn more about the Accutrol AVC Fume Hood Control System.
VorTek G3 logo

Precise Digital Airflow Measurement for
Ducts, Fan Inlets & Fan Arrays

Our precision VortekG3 Airflow Measurement products provide accurate, linear airflow measurement for duct insertion, fan inlet and fan array installations. Individual sensors on the probes provide pulse type electronic output signals, which are directly proportional and linear to the airflow velocity.

Not affected by humidity, temperature or altitude!

VorTek Advantages Over Thermal Dispersion and Velocity Pressure
VorTek Technology Delivers Superior Performance

Intuitive Software Makes Configuration Easy!

The free award-winning Accutrol Insight graphical software delivers a simple intuitive interface to easily configure the transmitter for different applications. The software connects to the VorTekG3 through a standard USB connection providing quick and easy access for:

Accutrol Insight's Graphical Interface
  • BAS – Allows simple field changes to the transmitter range, duct area.
  • Commissioning – Allows simple adjustment for unusual airflow profiles due to duct conditions.
  • Owner – Can make changes to ranges, number of sensors, etc. as the system requirements change.
Learn about the Accutrol VorTekG3 Airflow Measurement Systems.