AccuValve® Features & Benefits

Cost Saving, Sustainable Airflow Control

The design and features of the AccuValve deliver cost-saving, sustainable airflow control for your projects. The combination of low pressure drop design, demand based static pressure reset control, ISO 9001:2015 certification and ASHRAE 90.1 compliance makes AccuValve unmatched by other airflow control valves on the market.

Our Award-winning Insight Software

An intuitive, graphical interface for ease of use and fast modifications.

Energy Saving, Sustainable Airflow Control

Exceptionally low pressure drop and demand-based static pressure reset control.

AccuValve Airflow Control Valves Duo

True Airflow Measurement at Any Angle

No straight run, position, or angle requirements.

Airflow Valves at Any Angle

Intuitive graphical software.
Exceptional low pressure drop.
Demand-based static pressure reset.
True airflow measurement.