Critical Airflow Control & Airflow Measurement Products

Precise, Easy to Use, Sustainable

Our innovative airflow solutions are award‐winning, standard‐setting and customizable. With your input, we’ll tailor and integrate an airflow solution that will optimize your safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

The Award-Winning AccuValve® Airflow Control Valves

The AccuValve is designed for 21st century sustainable airflow control that is unequaled in the industry.

  • Low energy use
  • True airflow measurement
  • High accuracy control
  • Simplified installation
  • Intuitive graphical interface software
  • Owner independent operation/change control

AccuValve AVR

Room Temperature & Airflow Control

AccuValve AVR Room Temperature System

AccuValve AVC

Electronic Pressure Independence

AccuValve AVC Electronic Pressure Independence

AccuValve AVT

Universal I/O

AccuValve AVT Universal IO

AVC Fume Hood Control System

The AVC Fume Hood Control System

Our award-winning fume hood control system combines our low pressure drop AccuValve with a “smart” fume hood display and intuitive graphical user interface.

Room Controls & Monitors

Our full line of environment room controllers, temperature sensors and pressure monitors help keep your critical spaces safe and comfortable.

Room Controllers
Room Temperature Sensors
Room Pressure Monitors

Airflow Measurement Products

Our Superior VorTek airflow measurement products offer our intuitive Insight software with BACnet® MS/TP communication.

VorTek Airflow Measurement Products
AccuStation VTS
Insight Software Display

Accutrol’s Award-winning Insight Software

All AccuValve models incorporate a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, which enables the user to configure the valve for their specific requirements. Accutrol's Insight software, provided free of charge, insures that the owner is not required to contact the manufacturer of the airflow control system when changes are required in the field.