Superior Safety with Iso-Tek® Room Pressure Monitors

Accuracy and Reliability. Effortless Setup.

Precise, Accurate and Stable Measurement

Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors offer precise, accurate, and stable measurement solutions ideal for healthcare and laboratory settings. Our advanced technology ensures a seamless user experience while prioritizing safety and is the leading choice for world-renowned critical environments.

Key Features of the Iso-Tek® Room Pressure Monitor

  • Advanced Sensor Technology: A High Pneumatic Impedance Sensor (HPIS®) delivers industry-leading performance and a maintenance-free design.
  • User-friendly Display: The 7-inch color touchscreen monitors up to 4 rooms simultaneously.
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface: Our Insight software allows fast and easy configuration.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The BACnet® MS/TP communications enable efficient and effortless integration with any building automation system.
  • Setup Duplication: Saves time by quickly cloning the monitor configuration for multiple rooms with similar requirements.
Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors Product Sheet Cover

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Iso-Tek room pressure monitors are specifically designed for precise, accurate room pressure monitoring in isolation rooms, operating rooms, pharmacies, pharmaceutical cleanrooms and other hospital applications as well as in laboratories and support spaces.

Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitor Benefits:

  • Rapid Configuration: Our Insight software reduces the time spent configuring pressure monitors. A parameters report can be saved to your PC, which serves as a record for commissioning.
  • Maintenance Free: The sensor never needs re-calibration, cleaning, wiping or blowing out, ensuring any critical environment remains stable and reliable in the long term.
  • Safety and Accountability: The event tracking functionality records when alarms begin and end, as well as significant occurrences such as changes in operating mode or power cycles.
Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitor System

Our Insight Software provides a user-friendly experience, included for free with our Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitor

Discover how Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors provide a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design to ensure precise and reliable room pressure monitoring.

The Iso-Tek Central Monitor (ICMTM) Provides Enhanced Room Pressure Data

Iso-Tek Central Monitor (ICM) Product
  • 7-inch Color Touchscreen Display For Easy Viewing and Navigation
  • Intelligent Auto Discover Feature Reduces Installation Time
  • Displays up to 8 spaces with 5 parameters
  • Simple Setup Wizard
  • User Friendly Interface
  • visual and Audible Alarm Indication
  • Works with Nitrile Gloves
  • View Polarity, Pressure, Door Status
  • View Temperature, Humidity, ACH, Supply Air, Exhaust Air (when connected to Accutrol’s BACnet enabled room pressure monitor)
  • Communicates outside of BAS reducing network traffic
Iso-Tek Central Monitor Product Sheet Cover

View our Iso-Tek Central Monitor (ICM) Product Sheet

Maintaining Safety in Critical Spaces: Understanding Room Pressure Monitors and Environmental Monitoring

We understand the importance that room pressure monitors play in critical care facilities. Ensuring safety by minimizing the risk of cross-contamination is paramount in environments like hospital rooms, operating rooms, pharmacies and cleanrooms. The Iso-Tek room pressure monitor serves this purpose, offering unwavering reliability and accuracy.

Understanding Room Pressure Monitors: A room pressure monitor is a pivotal device, constantly assessing and gauging the pressure within a given space with respect to another. This comparison, known as “differential pressure,” forms the cornerstone of maintaining controlled environments.

Applications and Importance of Room Pressure Monitors: These monitors find their niche in critical spaces where contamination avoidance is non-negotiable. Their applications span isolation rooms, operating rooms, pharmacies, pharmaceutical cleanrooms and other hospital applications, as well as laboratories and support spaces.

Tailored Solutions for Varied Spaces: Even for less critical spaces like sterile storage areas, room pressure indicators present a practical solution, addressing the requirements of simple differential pressure applications.

Answers to Your Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitor Questions

What is the primary purpose of Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors?

Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors are designed to measure room pressure precisely in healthcare facilities, laboratories and pharmaceutical cleanrooms. They ensure compliance with safety standards by continuously monitoring pressure differentials.

Where are Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors typically used?

Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors are vital in safeguarding critical spaces such as:

  • isolation rooms
  • clean rooms
  • operating rooms
  • surgery suites
  • patient rooms
  • gowning rooms
  • ante rooms
  • compounding pharmacies
  • pharmaceutical cleanrooms
  • other pharmaceutical spaces needing to align with USP 797 and USP 800 standards
  • pandemic rooms
  • intensive care units (ICU)
  • burn units

See typical use configurations on our Solutions pages.

How does the High Pneumatic Impedance Sensor (HPIS®) revolutionize room pressure monitoring?

The HPIS® technology integrated into Iso-Tek provides advanced, reliable pressure sensing, guaranteeing accuracy and stability in pressure measurements crucial for critical environments.

Can Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors monitor multiple rooms simultaneously?

Yes, Iso-Tek systems can monitor up to 4 rooms on the same display, allowing for efficient management and monitoring of multiple critical spaces from one interface.

Is the Insight software user-friendly for configuration and adjustments?

Absolutely, the Insight software boasts an intuitive graphical user interface, enabling easy configuration for specific room requirements and alarm settings without requiring manufacturer intervention, ensuring ease of use and adaptability.

Are Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors compatible with other systems or protocols?

Yes, Iso-Tek systems support Bluetooth® configuration options and BACnet® MS/TP communications, facilitating integration with various existing systems and ensuring seamless functionality within diverse facility setups.

How does Iso-Tek contribute to compliance in healthcare and laboratory settings?

Iso-Tek plays a vital role in compliance by providing precise room pressure measurement as mandated by regulatory bodies. This compliance ensures the safety of patients and staff and maintains the integrity of sensitive processes in labs and cleanrooms.

Can Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors be customized for specific facility needs?

Absolutely, Iso-Tek monitors utilize our Insight software with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The software allows for customizations and adjustments to meet specific room pressure and alarm requirements, ensuring adaptability to diverse facility needs.

What kind of support is available for Iso-Tek users?

Users can access comprehensive support, including free Insight software updates and assistance, ensuring that adjustments or troubleshooting can be easily addressed without additional costs.

Where can I find more information or request a demonstration of Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors?

For more information, demonstrations, or inquiries about Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitors, please contact our dedicated sales team. We’ll be delighted to assist you.

Iso-Tek Room Pressure Monitor Laptop

Insight Software with Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Accutrol Insight software, provided free of charge, ensures that the owner can easily make changes to their equipment without depending on the manufacturer.