Critical Airflow Control
for Vivariums

Accutrol’s award-winning low pressure drop AccuValves provide precise, safe, energy-saving airflow measurement and control to deliver stable environmental conditions in vivarium holding and procedural areas.

Vivariums Demand Higher Airflow Standards

Airflow control within vivarium spaces is critical for maintaining stable environmental conditions in these specialized environments. Our airflow technologies deliver the highest standard of quality, stability, and energy efficiency to vivariums in:

  • universities
  • biotech facilities
  • pharmaceutical environments

Insight Software

Our Insight software provides every AccuValve with an intuitive graphical user interface, which enables easy valve configuration for specific airflow requirements. This free software insures that the owner is not required to contact the manufacturer of the airflow control system when changes are required in the field.

AVR Room Temperature and Airflow Tracking Control System

The Accutrol AVR Room Temperature and Airflow Tracking Control System provides the next evolution in airflow tracking control technology for vivariums. The AVR is the first product that builds room temperature control and high accuracy airflow tracking control directly into the airflow control valve.